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Friday, 8 July 2011

Divided by more than the Channel

It would be a triumph of spin, but one of the most frightening aspects of the French character is that there are people who think that if Dominique Strauss-Kahn manages to get off his US rape charges, then he can still be a front-runner in the French presidential campaign.

Now I have nothing against the man, and I reserve all judgement on his guilt or innocence in the criminal affair, but it is common ground between the parties that DS-K and the maid had a sexual encounter.  That much is beyond dispute.  Whilst there might be a certain amount of Gallic bravado and some who would applaud such behaviour (saluto Silvio, hi Bill), it has to be said that screwing the hotel maid is more than a tad tawdry.

Worse than that, such impetuosity is not really becoming in the Head of a State of a major nation, and particularly not one with an independent nuclear capability.  Some times the alpha male needs a little bit of beta to do the right thing.

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