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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Completely out of Orde

So Hugh Orde, the Chairman of ACPO, doesn't like the fact that the Prime Minister is taking advice from someone in the US about combatting gangs.

Orde thinks that the fact that there are 400 gangs in Los Angeles makes the advice invalid.  One could easily run the same argument to say that the 1,600 arrests for looting show that the UK police aren't doing there job, not that I think that is a calid argument.

More importantly, Orde should recognise that the police are an arm of the executive (not the judiciary), the head of which is the Prime Minister. The executive should look at the performance of senior police officers and in particular the malign consequences of the streams of income that ACPO has accumulated at the expense of the nation. Not content with the £15 million a year paid to the organisation by the Treasury, the public limited company run by senior police officers for the benefit of senior police officers derives income from certifying alarm systems as kosher (for a fee) and from issuing police certificates for emigrants (using data supplied for free but collected at the taxpayers' expense).

Orde's dismissal of an experienced police officer with a record of achievement should be seen in the light of the tawdrily corrupt vested interest that is ACPO .

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