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Monday, 22 August 2011

Stupid story of the week

Was last week's story from NASA that rising CO2 levels could alert alien life forms to human activity and cause us all to be wiped out, the issue being that increasing blocking of radiation by CO2 would indicate the presence of growing carbon based life forms, and so we should stop emitting CO2

This is wrong on so many levels:

1.  The natural state of this planet, absent any plant or animal life is a much higher level of CO2.  Hence the relatively low value of CO2 indicates carbon based life.

2.  It has already been taking place, so if it was going to happen, why hasn't it happened already.

3.  The reality is that no alien is going to wait for years to detect 1% changes in the level of CO2 in a planet millions of light years away.  they have better things to do.

4.  While the light takes million of light years to reach the alien's monitoring stations, it takes even longer to lug the weaponry big enough to blast us out of existence halfway across the universe. By which time we will be long gone.

If I were more cynical I would say this was a kite flying exercise to find a new idiom to take over when global warming falls apart.  Scientists often have a hard time trying to gauge the stupidity of the public moron.

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