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Thursday, 25 August 2011

I could do that job #94

KPMG are looking for a salaried tax partner for Qatar.

Our client is a globally networked professional services firm that provides Audit, Tax and Advisory services to some of the largest multi-nationals in the region.
Due to the rapid internationalisation and sophistication of business in Qatar, there is a pressing need for a Tax Partner to lead and execute taxation practices in the region.

The key to the simplicity of this role is in the package £150k tax free. That's right, it's tax free because there is presently no personal taxation levied in Qatar. There is also no sales tax or value added tax levied in Qatar and there are presently no estate or gift taxes levied in Qatar.

There is a 35% tax on company profits (although that rate is coming down), but which local businessman is going to keep cash and profits in a business when he can pay all the profits to himself as a tax-free salary plus bonus and reinvest the money next year if needed?

Being paid £150k after tax for saying "There is no tax here" sounds to me like money for old rope.

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