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Friday, 19 April 2013

Well I never

I watched the BBC report on Panorama about North Korea, although there was nothing to report except that Jon Sweeney's wife who works at the LSE obviously thought she could bring along hubby to make a vid for his work.

So nothing new to report .. except, hang on, according to Sweeney and his editors, The People's Republic of North Korea is .. wait for it .. run by a Far Right government.

Yes, that's right.  forget the pictures of Marx and Lenin, t the fact that their past allies have included China and Russia, you know, the ones who kept them supplied with arms and even went to war on their behalf in the 1950s, he political prison camps similar to the Russian gulags or the Chinese re-education camps, NK is in fact a far right state according to the BBC.

And how do they figure that?  Well it has a big army, so that makes it like Nazi Germany or fascist Italy.  Let's forget that the Russians actually had a far bigger army that Germany in the Second World War or that the Chinese Red Army is and has been for a long time, by far the biggest country in the world.

No, according to the Beeb, faced with the fact that NK are presently the bad guys, which runs contrary to the fiction they would like to peddle, North Korea is not a left wing state at all. Oh no.

You live and learn.


Demetrius said...

As the constant of the BBC is that is forever going round in circles that Left should suddenly become Right is to be expected. The rapidity of movement in the BBC means that outsiders have difficulty in working out what it what. I am feeling dizzy and need to lie down and chant a little.

Anonymous said...

It is, after all, the Democratic PEOPLE'S Republic of Korea. The clue is in the name, just as it is with the National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party (NSDAP: the supposedly right-wing Nazis).

Alex said...

And the People's Princess?!?

Anonymous said...

Well, she appeared to have adopted an approach of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

Tony Quintus said...

To be completely honest ultra extreme authoritarian regimes don't really have a left or a right, just a jackboot on a neck.

Alex said...

@TonyQ, they may end up that way, authoritarians usually do, but the route that the NK's took to get their was definitely round to the left with China and Russia.