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Monday, 1 April 2013

Sunderland AFC

Sunderland is a football club with a long tradition, linked closely to the working class and in particular to those fans living in the immediate vicinity of the stadium.  Now located at the Stadium of Light above the old Wearmouth colliery, their seventh ground, it still lies in the heart of its fan base.  I dealt with the club several years ago and the finance director explained that while the club had some of the lowest season ticket prices and a strong supporter base, long cup runs and European competitions would deplete their resources because most fans could not afford the extra tickets.

Not surprising then that the club have been roundly criticised for their association with an anti working class sadist, a man who according to many has never had any previous real work experience in his life and shows contempt for those that do. A man from a family of privilege who had no real connection with the Sunderland fans  or hard working people anywhere come to that.

STOP PRESS: No need to worry.  Sunderland FC have done the right thing and David Milliband has resigned

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