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Monday, 9 March 2009

It must be true - I read it in Pravda

"Great Britain looks like the first candidate for violent change in the coming months. Already there is talk of an upcoming “Summer of Rage,” starting when the G-20leaders will meet in London at the beginning of April. British authorities are certainly bracing themselves for what is coming, with 130.000 heavily armed policemen nationwide ready to quell street revolts. If that will not prove to be enough, army units will be deployed. Indeed, the British army has broad experience in controlling urban crowds. After all, that is essentially what the army has been doing all those years in Northern Ireland and Iraq (Basrah). Students are angry and have been occupying some 30 universities in protest against British government support of Israel trying to revive the Warsaw Ghetto in the Gaza strip. Pensioners are angry and desperate, the middle classes are fearful of joining the proletarian masses in Britain's horrid slums, and the millions of Muslims in Britain are also enraged. In short, Britain is a powder keg just waiting to explode."


Although the article continues:

"The only European nation with a brighter outlook is Russia. Its leadership is responsible and competent and the country is basically self-sufficient as far as energy and basic needs are concerned."

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