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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mandelson: Migrants work in jobs unemployed Britons are unwilling to take

Some unemployed Britons are unwilling to work, allowing eastern European migrants to come to the country and take jobs, Lord Mandelson told MP's yesterday.

He really is a t*t. Back to my unemployed friend who has been out of work for several years despite many years in the City and 2 degrees from Cambridge in Engineering. Such is his desperation to get back into work, he has applied for all manner of jobs, including paddling pool attendant and packing vegetables in a factory. His problem is that because he is not an immigrant he knows he can't be summarily dismissed as and when it suits employers, so they don't take him on.


Mark said...

What sort of engineering, and what was he doing in the city?

A long shot, but...

Alex said...

Cambridge is general engineering, but he specialised in electronics, worked in various banks and boutiques, starting as a programmer specialising in linear optimisation, then becoming pretty hot in structured finance (particularly tax and accounting driven), private placements, leasing and project finance. Getting on a bit (probably late forties), but incredibly smart and a nice guy.