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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Let them eat Prozac

According to the BBC, the government is to devote funds to assist people who develop mental health problems because of the recession. An extra £13m has been allocated for therapy services in England to help identify those who might be suffering from depression due to the downturn.

A middle-aged friend who has been looking for work for a very long time (and may soon be homeless) was referred by his GP to the local mental health services after he said he couldn't see the point of looking for work any more. He says that despite several visits to the mental health clinic, the doctors said they couldn't help him through counselling because his problem was the lack of a job.

But they could put him on drugs to make him feel better.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel desperately sorry for your friend, its a fu**ing disgrace. Yet another babinski from Labour on the corpse of this country.
I would welcome his support with

Do they have enough drugs for 45 million others who are not feeling particularly great at the moment.