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Monday, 23 March 2009

Some search engine stats

I don't like posting the stats I get for this blog (very healthy thank you very much, although mostly and perhaps not surprisingly busiest during the week), but one little feature is a record of all Google search terms used and it throws up some interesting observations.

Top search term of the last few weeks has been "Barclays", featuring in 36.0% of searches, but interestingly the most popular person at the bank is not the SCM head Roger Jenkins (1.2%) or his "guru" Ian Abrahams (5.8%), but Michael Keeley (7.0%), no doubt all his overseas clients keeping an eye on him, no doubt concerned about the Brontos structure (8.1%).

AIG (14.0%) is a long term favourite and its former boss Joe Cassano (5.8%) is getting heavy bandwidth, outstripping last week's Financial Crime of the Week, Weavering Capital (4.7%), which is also out gunned by another long term favourite, the mercurial PCP (9.3%) and Amanda Staveley (1.2%), but there seems to be little more interest in RBS (2.3%).

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