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Friday, 4 November 2011

Do the Germans have a word for "bunker"?

“Nobody should believe that another half century of peace in Europe is a given — it’s not. So I say again: if the euro collapses, Europe collapses. That can’t happen.”

I apologise that I missed the latest gem from the Bundeskanzlerin, who is fast becoming my pre-eminent supplier of fatuous quotes.  This shoddy piece of emotional blackmail slipped out last week while I was looking the other way.

I don't know which side she figures her boys are going to line up with or who the enemy might be, but in view of the preparedness and recent experience of German forces, I wouldn't fancy her team's chances in a Euro bust up. If she is thinking of playing for the other side from the UK, then I just fancy our chances both at home and away, and I guess that this time as three time winners we would get to keep the trophy.

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Anonymous said...

Das große Karthago führte drei Kriege. Es war noch mächtiger nach dem ersten, noch bewohnbar nach dem zweiten. Es war nicht mehr auffindbar nach dem dritten.

Great Carthage drove three wars. After the first she was still powerful. After the second she was still inhabitable. After the third it was no longer possible to find her.

[Bertold Brecht, warning Germany in 1951 of the dangers of renewed militarism]