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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Men in beards

A message to the out-of-touch leaders of the Church of England who think that capping welfare benefits to the after tax income equivalent of £35,000 a year.  Their complaint is that doing so will plunge thousands of children into poverty.

Poverty is a relative measure, but as India and China drive down the salaries in the private sector, both in nominal and real terms, the national median salary also declines, plunging thousands of children out of poverty. Time for the unemployed to take some of the pain.  And don't tell me that is hurting the most vulnerable members of society.  The families are picking up 150% of the national average household income, and have 40 hours of free time when the rest of us are working.  How poor is that?

I have just checked the website of Jobs Direct to see how many jobs there are listed.  Turns out there are 250, so no trouble getting a job round here.  4 of them are paying £35,000 or more.  So that settles it then .  If you can get a salary equal to the top 1.5% of  jobs being advertised, without leaving home or lifting a finger, why would you take a job?

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