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Monday, 5 March 2012

Frenchman caught with trousers down, sues Google

As you would of course. A Frenchman living in a little village in the Maine-et-Loire is suing Google over a Street View photo that shows him peeing in his garden As with most people in Street View pics, the image is somewhat blurred, but seeing as how it is a small village, everyone knew where he lived, so it was a bit of a give away. He also thinks €10,000 worth of Google Ad revenue would repair his hurt feelings.

Being such a provincial, he thinks that he can sue Google France, whose crafty avocat says that he should be suing the parent company who are actually the publisher.  This seems a bit petty given that Google seems to hide behind a myriad of offshore companies and yet projects itself onto our screens wherever we are.

Pay up Google or expect to be pissed all over in the French courts.

Hat tip: Ouest France, details in French here

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