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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Recent Correspondence

I emailed my MP this morning (I paid nothing for the access):
Dear Sir [Bufton Tufton],
I welcome the news that MPs will be debating the provision of iPads to all Members of Parliament.
It is to be welcomed that the House should be so concerned about the use of technology to improve productivity.
May I however point out that whilst such tools improve the productivity of MPs, the services provided by the MPs do not change, and thus with the extra productivity afforded by the iPad, the amount of work required from each MP will decrease.
It would therefore seem appropriate to reduce the salaries of MPs by an appropriate amount, perhaps £300 a year, and the saving would repay the cost of the new technology over 2 years.
I admit that I haven’t done a precise costing which would have to take into account VAT, income tax and national insurance, but I suspect my proposal would represent value for money for the tax payer.
Best wishes
I received a reply 10 minutes later:
Dear Alex
Thank you for the email.
We are not in fact about to debate iPads; the House of Commons is going to consider whether they should continue to be purchased individually by MP’s or whether the House of Commons should provide them centrally.
MP’s workloads continue to rise, as more and more constituents contact us by email. IT helps us to keep abreast of this growing pressure and provide a good service to our constituents. MP’s salaries are, rightly, frozen for two years.
Best wishes, [Bufton Tufton]
Moral: Write to MPs about their pay, and you will have their undivided attention. 

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