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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hang on Dave

Prime Minister David Cameron has said there will be a inquiry after secretly filmed footage showed the Conservative Party co-treasurer apparently offering access to the prime minister for a donation of £250,000 a year.
In a claim made to Sunday Times reporters, Peter Cruddas said £250,000 gave "premier league" access, including dinner with Mr Cameron and possibly the chance to influence government policy.
Mr Cameron said that it was right that Mr Cruddas had resigned and said he would make sure there was a Conservative Party inquiry.
Which doesn't really answer the real question. Was there any truth in Mr Cruddas' assertion that a quarter of a million quid gets you dinner in the PM's private apartment at 10 Downing Street?  One of the people who knows the answer is the Prime Minister.

There are times when I really hate all professional politicians.


Demetrius said...

£250,000 is cheap at the price, so the Tories have gone down market to join Labour etc. They have had "Friends" things at lower rate to access ministers and others for a little time now. This kind of thing is more efficent than say constituency parties and all that.

A K Haart said...

"One of the people who knows the answer is the Prime Minister."

The rest of us have a pretty good idea though.