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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Short, sharp and to the point

From The Sun:

If the Tories don’t wake up, they will be destroyed at the 2015 election.

A crucial poll of 109 marginal seats — the ones that decide elections — puts Labour on course to seize 93 on their way to a majority of 84.

The Conservatives have only themselves to blame.

It’s no good bleating about the Lib Dems.

Who is wearing the trousers in this Coalition?

Not David Cameron.

The Tories have lost the plot.

Welfare spending is still way too high.

Promised cuts in quangos and bureaucracy never happened.

Overseas aid wastes billions.

There’s nothing wrong with a humanitarian fund for catastrophes, but no excuse for Cameron handing out cash just to make himself feel good.

On Europe, he dithers while UKIP surges.

On taxes he offers nothing.

On slashing the regulations crippling firms and worsening unemployment, there is only talk.

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