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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So David Miliband ....

What caused you to give up your position as a £65,000 a year socialist MP for the arse end of nowhere, and take up the job of CEO and President of a New York based charity that receives donations of $40,000,000 a year and government grants of $260,000,000 a year on a salary of $400k and if reports of your predecessor's remuneration are to be believed, annual bonuses around the $500k mark? The irony is that the charity changed from being a Holocaust / Jewish refugee charity to a government funded NGO when the US decided to help refugees from the Castro regime in Cuba.


Jive Lad said...


As mentioned on the Global Dashboard, he is getting set up for the Under Secretary General (USG) for Humanitarian Affairs when that becomes available in 2016. This is 'Britain's' post and our PM would nominate our candidate (Ed perhaps?).

Alex said...

@JiveLad: I doubt it is that specific. Moving to NY to position yourself for a job that may come up in 3 years time seems like a poor judgement of probabilities. There is nothing that says that the job is in the hands of the British, a Labour government is not a foregone conclusion (and marginally less so a Miliband led one), and the ability of others to lobby for the position in Westminster makes it even less plausible.