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Friday, 29 March 2013

Tie me kangaroo down sport.

Stranger things have happened than the sudden outburst of grief all over the pages of the BBC website following the death of the obese actor Richard Griffiths. His portly frame would not normally merit any comment here, but it does seem to have been a contributory factor in his death from complications following a heart attack. (And yes, since you ask, I manage to keep a relatively trim figure with a certain amount of exercise - mostly cycling and stuff in the gym - and a rigorously low starch/low carb diet.)

 But Mr Griffiths seems to have been relaunched from a minor supporting actor to a thespian of the standing of Olivier, Richardson and Gielgud. At least in the eyes of the BBC.

 Or could it be that on a quiet news day that the BBC is doing all it can to push today's news that an 82 year old man from Berkshire has been arrested under operation Yewtree. A few days ago the BBC readily told us that Jim Davidson was having his collar felt by the Met. Fortunately, The Age, An Australian newspaper is more forthcoming and tells us that the pensioner in question is an Australian entertainer, and they have spoken to family friends in Sydney.

Nevertheless, despite a search warrant an arrest and being bailed until May, the press have been less than forthcoming with the man's name.

Can you see what it is yet?

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