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Monday, 20 July 2009

I don't mind if it rains every day until September 20th


I shall lay a claim to my part in the second innings dismissal of Australia by tuning in on the radio. I listened to the start of the innings to hear the first two wickets go down, then went off to do a spot of gardening.

Tuned in again on the way to the station to collect daughter from the train whereupon Ponting was instantly dismissed, more gardening and then took a break for an hour or so before tuning in to hear Hussey and North go, and then went out to tea confident of victory, coming back to find that no wickets had fallen while I was away.

Tuned in at the start of play today to hear the sixth wicket go, but was distracted for an hour, returning an hour later to find no more wickets down, but Clarke went the next ball, so I stayed on for wickets 8,9 &10.

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