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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tin foil hat time: Dr David Kelly

One for the conspiracy theorists I am afraid, but one of the scientists asking for a proper inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly raises a very interesting point.

At the time I thought that Dr Kelly was merely an MOD scientist who buckled under the pressure of media scrutiny, although it seems that he had quite a hands-on role in the UN search for chemical and biological weapons, s he was not necessarily the shy, retiring backroom geek that the press made him out to be.

But as a fellow scientist pointed out, Dr Kelly was a very prominent germ and chemical warfare expert. That is relevant because of his knowledge of the biology of death. He had spent 10 years at Porton Down and he knew everything about killing things. So why would he use the uncertain and probably uncertain method of swallowing his wife's co-proxamol tablets and cutting his wrists with a blunt knife?

At the very least he could have used his professional knowledge to better effect.


Not a sheep said...

Norman Baker MP is the man to talk to about this aspect of the Dr David Kelly "suicide".

Alex said...

I'd rather forego that pleasure.

Look, I was as against the war as the next man on the basis of a complete lack of evidence, the fact that you can't build an nuclear weapon in the back of a truck and that any residual chemical weapons in Iraq had most likely deteriorated to the point of being mildly effective as a stain remover but nothing more, but on the other hand one can't help feeling a little embarrassed that after 90 years of Porton Down, one of our "top scientists" can't rustle up anything more lethal than migraine tablets and a blunt knife.