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Friday, 24 July 2009

More optimistic spin from the BBC

It wasn't in the blogpost on the website that made up most of her report on the World at One, but on the radio program Stephanie Flanders, apparently an economics editor, can clearly be heard saying the economy did better in 2Q09 than in 1Q09, because in the first quarter it declined by 2.4% whereas in the second it declined by 0.8%.

I don't know if you are reading this Stephanie, but if you are I hope the BBC pays you well because you are going to need all the money because with comments like that you will struggle all through your career.

If GDP declined by 0.8% in 2Q09, that means the economy did worse in the second quarter than in the first .... by 0.8%. Think about it. You'll get there eventually.


HateMuzak said...

That audio popup is supremely irritating

Demetrius said...

For those of us with long memories the music from "Monsieur Hulot" brought us a happy moment in a miserable world.

And you promised me "The Garryowen".

Alex said...