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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

John Hutton is job hunting

The former business secretary John Hutton, who is due to leave parliament at the next election with his cushy little demobilisation payoff, served as business secretary from 2007-08 and announced the government's decision to build new nuclear reactors. During his term as business secretary in September 2008, he was also responsible for the sale of British Energy, the nuclear generator, to EDF for £12.5bn.

According to the Guardian (we don't expect them to know much, but they seem to have a good nose for this sort of thing), Mr Hutton is talking to thr French government-owned group about joining as an adviser.

I wouldn't bother, messieurs. By the time Hutton leaves Parliament there will be a completely different set of decision makers in government, most of them trying to resolve the issues doged by the current government.

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