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Monday, 14 September 2009

They're all special to me

This morning another pink paper saw fit to run the following following article:

Tories eye 'Tell Sid' style bank shares sale

By George Parker and Jane Croft

Published: September 14 2009 03:00 | Last updated: September 14 2009 03:00

A David Cameron government could sell slabs of shares in nationalised banks to ordinary investors, in an echo of the "Tell Sid" British Gas privatisations of the 1980s in which Margaret Thatcher tripled the number of UK shareholders.

What pray is an "ordinary investor"? To me, they are all special.


Uncle Bob said...

Good. It's nice to see them encourage people to invest their money rather than take out credit that they'll struggle to repay.

Alex said...

No quibbles with encouraging investment, but I dislike the FT and others calling small investors "ordinary".

If the FT journalists had ever sold investments or gone looking for finance they would know that every investor is precious.