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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Unemployment closing on the 1 million barrier

And that is just the 16-24 year olds, rising from 928,000 to 947,000 over three months.

And the futility of higher government spending to employment in the public sector is shown by the fact that government jobs rose by 13,000 in the three months to June while jobs in the private sector fell by 230,000 over the same period.

Total claims for jobseeker's allowances rose to 1.61 million, with the figure for total unemployment pushing 2.5 million, but this is not the same as the number of people out of work and claiming all forms of benefits, which is now around 6 million, nor anywhere near the total number of people available for work and not in employment, which is probably closer to 7 million.

Enough to start a revolution.

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