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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Just hand me an axe and I'll make some savings

I was just reading the Health Service Journal to find out about the cuts that McKinsey say could be made in NHS budgets, when my eye was caught by various stories about NHS managers sacked and jailed for stealing petty cash and lying about their qualifications, when I spotted a link to a job ad for "Workplace Transformation Directors" to be paid £90,000-100,000 a year.

So here is the job description:

Inspirational and influential are some of the personal qualities that define success in these new senior management roles to be based in each of the six NHS sectors across London. Using your strong leadership skills, you will drive the development and implementation of transformational workforce plans to realise our vision of world-class healthcare for London.

Fine, but what do you actually do?

Each Director will work with the sector Chief Executive to develop and implement localised versions of Workforce for London – A Strategic Framework, and will lead the activity required within the Sector to transform workforce capacity and capability to deliver a high quality, responsive, flexible and cost effective service.

Sounds like a rehash of a larger scale plan, but what do you actually have to achieve to justify £100,000 a year?

These are high-profile roles with the potential to considerably enhance your CV. Bringing a passion for workforce planning issues, you will combine resilience, political acumen, good influencing skills and outstanding powers of communication.

CV enhancing? Seems like a non-job for a politican. Is this job in fact nothing more than a stepping stone for NHS insiders?

An NHS background is essential and you must have a substantial track-record of leading organisational change, as well as experience in partnership and collaboration at a senior level.

I think I can save the NHS another £600,000 a year.

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Don't you dare!