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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gordon goes to the pawn shop

Gordon Brown plans to list a portfolio of non-financial assets that he will put put up for sale, including the Tote, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, shares in Urenco, the uranium enrichment company, some student loans and the Dartford bridge and tunnel crossings.

For that he expects to raise about £3 billion, or to put it in perspective, enough to get the government through till Thursday.


Steven_L said...

What happens to me if he flogs of my student loan then? I'd always kind of thought about it as a graduate tax. Are the heavy's about to come calling?

Should I blow all the savings I rescued from QE by putting in funds on fishing gear, a small inflatable and outboard before they get confiscated?

Alex said...

I would look hoard at the deal that you are signed up to. If it looks bad, you could always emigrate.

The King of Wrong said...

Hmm... that's a good point.

I don't remember ever seeing a credit agreement (e.g. under the 1974 act) when I applied for a student loan, and I don't think I got a copy of any agreement.

I guess HMG gets to make their own rules... as always...

Steven_L said...

The government hate regulation that applies to them and usually ignore it. Plea-bargaining is a perfect example.

Bill Bell said...

Good point on Student Loans, I don't think I ever read the small print...

Interest rates going down to zero from October though so its not all bad.