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Thursday, 29 October 2009

US out of recession, UK mired in spin

Last week, I remarked that the press was full of reports from a "consensus of analysts" saying that the UK was going to be out of the recession by 9;30 that morning when the ONS announced its figures. All media outlets seemed to have independently cottoned on to the idea that everbody thought the recession was going to be over.

Why would they be so consistent? It turns out not surprisingly that they were all briefed by Labour party hacks, and this was to be a main thrust of the attack on George Osborne who the Labour Party see as a weak link. Op-eds and letters to the FT by Alastair Campbell had been prepared and were all set to go. Shame that nobody chose to get the facts from the ONS (prop. HM Government.

Incompetence doesn't begin to describe it.

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