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Friday, 2 October 2009

IMF calls Brown a "joke"

There is more from the IMF in the Guardian. It wasn't in the IMF's report yesterday, but fortunately the Manchester pinkos had their man in Istanbul pin a few questions on Olivier Blanchard, the IMF's economic counsellor. Shame then that this was quickly moved off the front page and into the Business section where nobody would read it.

When he was asked about the UK economy, Blanchard said that drastic action was required. "That means reforms of the retirement system; that means reforms of the healthcare system. These reforms have basically to be confronted. The idea of (just) introducing these fiscal rules and not doing these reforms is a joke."

So there you are Gordon, the idea of legislating for lower deficits, just like your policy of legislating for lower carbon emissions, and not actually doing anything is a joke. If you have the right policies you don't need any laws. If you have the laws but the executive doesn't do anything, that is beyond a joke. M. Blanchard was somewhat too polite.

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