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Monday, 12 October 2009

This Nobel Peace Prize thing

... will probably count against Obama in 2012, but by then he should have won 3 Grammy awards and a Tony, at least one Super Bowl, three NBA championships and a Stanley Cup, Oscars for Best Leading Actor, Best Director, Best Film and Best Adapted Screenplay, the Ordre national de la L├ęgion d'honneur, two Eurovision song contests, GQ's Best Dressed Man of the Year, a Playgirl centre spread and a Christmas #1 in Kazakhstan, finishing his term of office by running the anchor leg of the gold medal winning US 4x400 relay team at the London Olympics.


May said...

Are you envious?

Alex said...

Hand on heart, if I am brutally honest, I wouldn't have minded an NBA medal and maybe lunch at the Elysee Palace, but I would happily forego the rest. And you?

May said...

I've had what I wanted, although I would be happy with a set of articles published on some important journals. Or, lots of money. But neither of the two is really important.

Alex said...

"Lots of money"? You must be American. Who will remember Bruce Wasserstein next week?

May said...

Wrong guess.
I am much closer (not in the UK, though) and, as you might have noticed, English is not my native language.

Wasserstein who?

Are the posts around here all about finance and banks? What's the weather like in London now? NOW.

Alex said...

Mostly, but mostly only the seamier side. I don't talk about markets much, mostly because there are plenty of others who do that, or even get paid to do that, and its mostly nonsensical anyway.

The weather at the moment is brightening. I can't remember what it was an hour ago, but I guess it was a bit greyer than it was now.

English is not my native language either. I had to learn it when I was very young.

May said...

The sun is shining here and the temperature has dropped of 10 C from one day to the next. That's good, I was tired of the long Summer.

I agree, the markets are not interesting at all. But then, one has to earn his living in a way or the other.

Alex said...

OK, you must be German or Swiss based on:

1. Capitalisation of the noun Summer.

2. Use of Centigrade and listing the Doors as favourite music - Europeans use Centigrade, but older Anglo Saxons (and those living in or near Anglo Saxon countries) tend to use Fahrenheit, particularly if they are old enough to remember let alone like The Doors.

3. Use of the pronoun "one" (as in the German 'man').

May said...

Wrong again!

I have sent you an e-mail.