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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Desperately seeking Amanda Stavely

I don't do blog stats much, but one of the perennial hits on this site is a page querying the status and business address of PCP Capital Partners, which has been chugging along at around 2% of all hits on this site.

Then yesterday the news broke that Ms Stavely's brokered deal between her Middle Eastern investors to fund Blackrock's purchase ofBarclays Global Investos for the usual reason that Black rock, its banks and their compliance officers wanted to know where the money was coming from and the Middle Eastern investors wanted anonymity, not appreciating that makes their money look as dodgy as the average drug cartel.

Not so hot Ms Staveley on the deal front, but with a couple of billion of her investors cash burning a hole in her pocket, the world and his dog was trying to find her contact details, with enquiries about her business address making up over 35% of the hits on this site.

So if you are one of the hundreds of inquirers, from Hong Kong to Santa Barbara, who have reached this site looking for Amanda, we can't help you but we would love to know what it is about the multimillionaire blonde businesswoman that sparked your interest. please leave a comment after the tone.

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