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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Did your MP claim for the cost of his tax return?

Several MP's have claimed for the cost of an accountant to prepare their personal self assessment tax returns. Contrary to their pleading, an MP's tax return has nothing to do with parliamentary business. It is a computation of an MP's personal tax liability. You ersonal tax return is nothing to do with your employer's business (or your business if self employed).

At the moment I know that the following have done so and will add to my list as I do further research, but if your MP did the same, please drop me an email with their name.

  • Douglas Alexander
  • Graham Allen
  • Hilary Benn
  • John Bercow
  • Hazel Blears
  • Colin Challen
  • Ann Clwyd
  • Ann Coffey
  • Patrick Cormack
  • Mary Creagh
  • Jon Cruddas
  • Alistair Darling
  • John Denham
  • Frank Dobson
  • Louise Ellman
  • Mark Francois
  • Cheryl Gillan
  • John Healey
  • Geoff Hoon
  • Beverley Hughes
  • Joan Humble
  • Daniel Kawczynski
  • Jim Knight
  • Andy Love
  • Andrew Mackinlay
  • David Maclean
  • Anne Main
  • Gillian Merron
  • David Miliband
  • Meg Munn
  • Denis Murphy
  • Edward O'Hara
  • James Purnell
  • Dan Rogerson
  • Martin Salter
  • Marsha Singh
  • Geraldine Smith
  • Angela E. Smith
  • Jacqui Smith
  • Peter Soulsby
  • Ian Stewart
  • Andrew Stunell
  • Paddy Tipping
  • Derek Twigg
  • Kitty Ussher
  • Phil Woolas

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