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Monday, 29 June 2009

Youth unemployment

A shocking statistic, but noteworthy in the current state of the economy.

My second daughter has just left further education, and is one of 60 leavers from her college who are not going on to further study. Of those 60, 10 have jobs, 10 are going into the scam of unpaid internships and the other 40 are on the dole.

OK, it's a small college and possibly an unrepresentative sample, but I would have expected a better result from one of the colleges in the University of Oxford.


Grenville said...

This is not good.

I don't mean to be facetious - nor do I have any idea what she wishes to do for a career - but has she (and her contempories for that matter) thought of going abroad, say Asia - Hong Kong for example?

If she does go abroad, she will not have to spend the rest of her working life paying off Gordon Brown's debts, which she will do if she stays in the UK.

In Hong Kong for example taxes are lower; so a very high proportion her work long term will be done for the benefit of herself rather than other people; the proceeds of which she will then be able to decide for herself what she wants to do with them, rather than that being done for her forcibly.

Asia is going to power ahead of the West (well Europe at least, America will probably be OK - eventually) and has decades of expansion ahead of it, offering her many opportunities......

Etc etc.

You know what I mean

Sad really. That Britain has come to this. That such advice is genuinely good advice.

Alex said...

Thanks for the advice, which is well understood here. I went overseas when I graduated from Cambridge nearly 30 years ago, lived in Europe and the US, great job that took me roun the world and came back to London 7 yeas later. Daughter should have no problem eventeually getting a job -still waiting for her results but she will probably get a 1st and similarly most of her friends in her college - and yes she has applied for jobs in the Far East.

What is shocking is the lack of demand in the economy. If it is that bad for Oxford graduates, what on earth is it like elsewhere?

Grenville said...

If I were just leaving University now, I'd be off abroad like a shot.

Who wants to spend their working life paying off the previous generation's debts? No-one with even half a brain.

The internet, mobile phones, facebook etc and international jet travel means that being halfway around the world is much like just being in the next county (give or take a bit for time differences).

It's very simple really.

Which is why this government has been so spectacularly bad for Britain on a multi-generational scale.