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Monday, 8 November 2010

I am not a lawyer, but

.. it seems I know more about the law than those who make it.  It seems the High Court agree with my post below that judicial review is not the correct venue for an appeal against a decision of the High Court and the correct procedure is to go to the Court of Appeal. Any lawyers reading might care to confirm/deny that.

That doesn't stop Woolas and his hack lawyer protesting that it is, but on the one one hand there is a High Court judge telling Woolas to go away, and on the other we have one of those Labour MP's divorced from reality who thinks he can spin his way out of any situation who thinks he knows better or can persuade the rest of the world that he does.

If that wasn't bad enough, we now have the half-pint Mr Speaker telling us that Woolas' seat won't be contested until after the case has gone to judicial review.  Perhaps we can understand Woolas' strategy now, because that judicial review is never going to happen, so by protesting that the case should go to judicial review, Woolas gets to hang onto his seat indefinitely.

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