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Friday, 19 November 2010

Who said crime doesn't pay?

I see that "philanthropist" who bankrolled Michael Brown so that the Lib Dems could hang onto the £2.5 million "donation" that funded half of their 2005 election campaign funds has been rewarded with a free trip to the House of Lords.

Over the past five years Mr  Paul Strasburger and his wife Evelyn have made donations to the Liberal Democrats of more than £765,000."I am a donor and I have got a peerage," Mr Strasburger told the Bath Chronicle today. "If people think those things are linked that is up to them. They may or may not be right, I don't know."

Amongst the financial support that Mrl Strasburger gave to the Lib Dems was the offer to stand bail for Michael Brown, the convicted fraudster, fugitive, and notorious major donor to the Liberal Democrats before the 2005 election.  What has never been clear is whether Mr Strasburger knew Mr Brown before he stood bail (I presume not), and we know that when Mr Brown absconded Mr Strasburger forfeited his bail money.

He is now repaid in the only commodity that the Lib Dems have to offer: ermine (rhymes with vermin).

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