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Friday, 12 November 2010

Well it's somewhere to put the flowers

What would you rather have: a vase or a Bugatti Veyron? OK, not everyone is into cars, so what if I say: a vase or a villa in the South of France?  Fair enough, some people don't go for houses abroad, so let's say a fully furnished apartment in Knightsbridge, just around the corner from Harvey Knicks, or a vase?

You still want the vase?  It's just a vase, nice design with a bit of history but its less than 300 years old, so in the whole scheme of things it is really no big shakes.  Nice craftsmanship but hardly the originality of a Van Gogh or a Monet.

You still want the vase? OK, you've got an honest looking face and I like you so here's what I'll do.  You can have the Bugatti, I'll throw in the villa and and the flat in Knightsbridge and I'll tell you what:  you can have a 200 seater passenger jet aeroplane, I would say that little lot would set you back a cool £53 million or thereabouts (including commission), so which would you prefer?

You still want the vase? Well, I suppose its less than a Cristiano Ronaldo.

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