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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Why Formula 1 is so overrated

I used to enjoy Formula 1 racing, but that was years ago when there was some racing. These days it depends almost entirely on which car gets to qualify first, which is not so much a question of driving skuill as engineering, and we can have a drivers' champion who is nothing more than a boy racer in a fast machine who has to start at the front of the grid to win because he doesn't know how to overtake at this level.  For all the glitz and glamour I have no idea why any serious company would waste money sponsoring a cross between a high-tech procession and a tyre change race.


Demetrius said...

Did you ever drive the old Nurburgring? I recall when there was public access to it for a small fee. That was more like it.

Alex said...

No, the best I have done is take a Lamborghini around Goodwood. Thought I was doing quite well until a Porsche 911 flew past me on the Lavant Straight.

I just don't see why anyone finds it exciting to watch a procession of cars albeit at up to 170 mph when the result is pretty much a foregone conclusion from fifty laps out bar mechanical failures or total goof ups. It is aboutr as interesting and predictable as watching 90 minutes of penalty shoot outs without goalkeepers.