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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Looks like this will be kicked into the long grass

Joke of the Day is that the IOC will investigate alleged bribes paid to Juan Kickabol, the 30 year president of some obscure part of the world who also happens to be a freeloader also taking backhanders in his role as a member of the IOC.

This all comes from evidence found by an investigative reporter for Panorama.  The existence of payments was known about for years because of the ISL bankruptcy and fraud trials, and the system of procuring TV rights and marketing contracts was well known: bribing sports officials.  If you ever thought the pompous idiots in blazers who run these global sports events looked like nothing more than a bunch of small time crooks you were right.

But the joke is that the IOC will not be investigating the Brazilian FIFA member who appears on the same list of bribe recipients, despite the fact that he is the son-in-law of Joel Havelange, former IOC President, and the part that really made me choke on my cornflakes was the fact that Joel Havelange himself appears on the list, but wasn't mentioned on Panorama because he had nothing to do with FIFA.

You wan't to know why the London Olympics is going to cost tax payers so much when your typical school sports day costs virtually nothing?  I think we know now.

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