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Monday, 22 November 2010

Opportunity knocks

So Ed Balls says that the Labour government of which he was a member the balance between civil liberties and security wrong. So the 24/48/72 days detention was just a political stunt to wrong foot the Conservatives rather than a serious bit of government.

And a few days earlier Ed Miliband said the Iraq was wrong, but that didn't stop him being a member of the government that was responsible for 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths.

And then Harriet Harman applauded Ed Miliband for saying so, although at the time, she had voted for the war, although she had seen no evidence of WMD

So when it comes to voting for these shysters in 4 years times, just remember that Labour are a bunch of hypocritical opportunists who will say anything to get back into power.

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